Mar 19, 2009

In The Begging; Day One.

Im not sure if im writting this out of boredem or the true want to be seen. Either way i am new to this.
Its early in the morning and with a boyfriend out at the pubs whos decided he is not coming home tonight and a few red bulls down my sleave i gues bed isnt very hopeful tonight.

I anicialy waited up for 'Super Man' (My Boyfriend) to return home.
(He is my superman because just like the big Man him self , He may be there to fix all my problems but never seems to be around to stop them from starting)

So anyways , i get a call from him saying he couldnt get a lift back home and so he is staying out , wow thats beleivable. He also makes note that he realy wanted to come home but just couldnt and would of walked but he didnt want me to worry about him on his walk.

*I think at this point my eyes rolled so far back into my head i could actualy the nerves pulsing in my brain*

Not Only With Boy problems but i also had the neighbour problems.
You know those ones who every time you try to walk out of your house they follow you and yrll things at you until your so intimadated you could cry....... Yehh those ones.

And with one of my best mates 'Miss Unguided' leading so far off the tracks she has resorted to prescription drugs as a means of , Everday Get Bye, Everything just seems to be complicated.

Funny how the most worrying things in life are not caused by ourselves but the ones around us.

x0 BonnieMae.

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